Our Programs

SOSMentor offers four different health education programs, serving 16,000+ elementary, middle and high school students in 800 schools across Los Angeles Unified School District. Each program takes a slightly different approach in order to reach diverse groups of students, but all four programs emphasize education, mentoring, health advocacy and leadership.

LAUSD Healthy Schools Campaign

More than 16,000 students in 800 elementary, middle and high schools throughout LAUSD learn about nutrition and physical activity after school for six weeks. They teach their parents and family members about healthy living and create posters for a district-wide Healthy Messages Art Contest.


Imagine HEALTH

Formerly the ShapeUp Program, Imagine HEALTH offers high school students six weeks of mentoring in nutrition, physical activity and stress-reduction techniques. Then, they mentor younger students at a nearby elementary or middle school for an additional six weeks.


Healthy Athletes Program

High school athletic teams and physical education classes learn about sports nutrition and participate in sport-specific training with a certified trainer. Students earn service-learning credit by teaching their peers and family members what they learned.

Take Action for a Healthy School Community

Middle school students and parents participate in weekly nutrition education and yoga classes throughout the school year. They identify ways to create a healthier school environment and complete environmental change projects, such as building a school garden or installing a hydration station.