Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture healthy lifestyle habits and health advocacy skills in Los Angeles youth through mentoring, leadership training and education in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness.

Our Vision

Our vision is youth and families equipped with the knowledge and skills to integrate healthy lifestyle habits and serve as health advocates in their communities.


Our Values

Community healthWe are committed to improving the health of our students through our programs.

Education / mentoring. Education and mentoring are at the core of our mission, because we believe that together, they have the power to guide our students toward a healthy, successful future.

Respect. Interactions among our board members, staff and partners, and with the larger community in general, are based on mutual respect and a willingness to work toward our common goals.

Diversity. We value and embrace our differences, and invite stakeholders from all races, ethnicities, occupations and walks of life to be heard.

Impact. We are dedicated to the fulfillment of our mission; therefore, we set high expectations for our impact in the community.