Our History


Carole and Dr. Robert Donahue, former LAUSD administrators, incorporate SOSMentor as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to bring college and career readiness programs to underserved high school students.


Students at Belmont High School confide in SOSMentor educators about their biggest fear: the devastating effects of obesity and diabetes on their families and friends. Their concerns, and the rising national epidemic of childhood obesity, prompt SOSMentor to create SOSMentor ShapeUp, our first nutrition education and physical activity program.


SOSMentor partners with LAUSD Beyond the Bell to launch the LAUSD Healthy Schools Campaign, bringing after-school nutrition education and a district-wide art contest to more than 16,000 students in 800 schools.


SOSMentor teams up with athletic coaches to kick off the Healthy Athletes Program, delivering education in sports nutrition, specialized training and health advocacy to high school athletes.


SOSMentor launches the Take Action for a Healthy School Community program for middle school students. In addition, SOSMentor partners with USC Keck School of Medicine for a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study on the combined effects of nutrition education and stress-reduction in teens at risk for diabetes.” The ShapeUp program is renamed Imagine HEALTH (Healthy Eating, Active Living, Total Health) to reflect this integrative approach.


SOSMentor incorporates SNaX (Students for Nutrition and Exercise), a student-led obesity prevention program developed by LAUSD, UCLA, RAND and Harvard, into the Take Action program.


SOSMentor adds the Healthy Kids Kindness Challenge to the LAUSD Healthy Schools Campaign to equip students with skills to counteract bullying in their schools and communities.


SOSMentor partners with World Yoga Power to bring yoga and mindfulness training to middle school students in the Take Action program. Take Action students complete environmental change projects in their schools, including school gardens, healthy food tastings and hydration stations.


SOSMentor continues to seek innovative ways to incorporate yoga, mindfulness and stress-reduction into our programs to improve students’ overall well-being.